Can you define your own HTML element attributes?

You can’t perform this along with simple vanilla HTML, therefore JSF can’t carry out a lot for you right here at the same time.

In short, When the computer mouse cursor ends the message I would like it to certainly not develop into a message choose arrow at all.

I would certainly like to include text message to my webpage as a tag and also create it unselectable.

Just produce use of CSS3 if you are actually targeting good browsers merely

The full modern option to your issue is actually totally CSS-based, yet keep in mind that much older browsers won’t assist it, through which scenarios you would certainly need to contingency to remedies including the others have delivered.

You can easily specify the information connect for any sort of component as complies with, and also utilize jQuery data procedure to retrieve those characteristics conveniently.

If it is actually thrown on your website, as well as there is no authentication necessary to obtain it, it may be located, and it could be downloaded and install. Even if you never ever link to an image anywhere, or even use it in a web page, or put it in an apparent location. Anyone can if you can receive to it over the web without verification. The only caveat to that would certainly be actually if you used sturdy shield of encryption in blend along with strong steganography.

Various other browsers use their very own supplier prefixes, and also you are actually making use of MozUserSelect only. New internet browsers are going to use no prefix. You must correctly handle camelCase. And also it’s a serious pest that you are overwriting onselectstart and onmousedown celebration handlers along with your functionality, so recently connected handlers do certainly not function any kind of additional.

First of all if I would love to know the intention behind this. If this is to avoid the consumer from stealing your text and images after that I believe its impossible for you to make this take place. Once it is actually delivered to the client browser place at that point the entire thing comes under the control of the individual.

or the report you may add any kind of characteristic you wish to an aspect with javascript utilizing setAttribute(” name”,” market value”), and it operates great. This is actually also mainly cross internet browser: quirksmode

I was asking yourself if you can easily specify your own attributes in HTML. For instance in HTML divs there is actually an array of features, like style, headline, class etc. Can you compose as well as incorporate your own, while remaining syntactically improve?

That mentioned, it is often necessary to encrypt the information in the i.d. or even class quality.

I’m trying to create it therefore particular text and images on an HTML page may certainly not be highlighted with the arrow, so it looks like if they are actually a part of the background.

HTML utilizes the factors as well as features described due to the specification, and also only those characteristics and components.

You can easily likewise position a transparent div on leading of the area where you do not desire the variety to happen. Setting the div so that they will certainly show up in addition to the element with a much higher piling order. For a higher piling purchase you can use the z-index quality.

For images certainly not to become highlighted create all of them as background.

Maybe I failed to make my aspect effectively, you’re mentioning that setAttribute is assisted cross browser, but the act of establishing an invalid characteristic that isn’t specified in the specification is actually certainly not supported, it so happens to function since newer internet browsers attempt to recuperate HTML along with mistakes in

That exemption is actually credits along with titles starting records-, and after that merely if you are complying with the HTML 5 draught.

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