How can I search a word in a Word 2007 .docx file?

Exists a means coming from C#to view the content? I have no enthusiasm in format – I just wish to categorize documents as possessing or otherwise having “some special key phrase”.

You may of course lots it into an XML DOM tree (not exactly sure what this will be in c#) and also inquire to obtain message just as a string, yet you can end up with many various other “stumbling blocks” even if the OOXML spec is around 6000 web pages long as well as MS Word can create lots of “things” you don’t expect. So you could end up writing your very own document processing library.

I’m trying to find certain text in a word documents, along with the absolute most identifiable anticipating message being a “WORTH TIME” vulnerable above it. The worth I wish resides in free throw line below this “WORTH TIME”. I really want the macro to be capable to look words doc for the intended message and paste it right into stand out, as commonly we will need to perform this manually regarding 50 opportunities. Quite wearisome.

You provided a fantastic solution to use PowerShell regex looks to search for details in a Word document. I needed to customize it to satisfy my requirements. Perhaps, it is going to aid other people. It reads each series of words document, and then uses the regex expression to figure out if free throw line is a match. The result could quickly be modified or ditched to a log documents.

Basically, you just open the docx file (which is a zip archive) using zipfile, and find the content in the ‘document.xml’ file in the ‘word’ directory. If you intended to be actually extra sophisticated, you might at that point analyze the XML, however if you’re simply searching for a words (which you recognize will not be actually a tag), then you can easily just search in the XML for the chain.

I ‘d like to explore a Word 2007 report (. docx) for a text string, e.g., “some special key phrase” that could/would be located coming from a search within Word.

There are a number of means to obtain what you yearn for. A simple strategy is since you possess the message of the document already permits conduct a regex match on it as well as come back the outcomes as well as additional. This helps in trying to deal with obtaining some words around in document.

A docx is just a zip repository with considerable amounts of files inside. Perhaps you can check out several of the materials of those documents? Aside from that you most likely have to locate a lib that knows words format to make sure that you can filter out traits you’re certainly not thinking about.

I have a straightforward demand. I require to search a chain in Word document and as end result I need to have to obtain coordinating line/ some terms around in document.

Be sure to change the variables for your own testing. Now that our team are actually making use of regex to locate the suits this opens up a globe of options.

Our experts possess the changeable $charactersAround which specifies the number of characters to match around the $findtext. Also I though the result was actually a much better suitable for a CSV report so I used $results to grab a hashtable of properties that, eventually, are output to a csv documents.

A trouble with exploring inside a Word document XML report is that the text message can be divided into elements at any personality. It is going to certainly be actually split if formatting is actually various, for instance as in Hello World. But it can be divided at any sort of point and that is valid in OOXML. So you will definitely find yourself taking care of XML enjoy this even though formatting carries out not transform at the center of the key phrase!

It is actually offered as.NET as well as Java products. Each could be utilized from Python. One through COM Interop yet another using JPype. Find Aspose.Words Programmers Manual, Take Advantage Of Aspose.Words in Other Computer programming Languages (sorry I can’t submit a second link, stackoverflow performs not allow me yet).

Thus far, I can properly browse a string in folder having Word documents but it returns True/ Malevolent based upon whether it might locate hunt string or not.

Much more precisely, a.docx document is actually a Zip store in OpenXML style: you possess first to uncompress it.
I installed a sample (Google: some hunt term filetype: docx) and after unzipping I discovered some folders. The word folder has the document itself, in documents document.xml.

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