how to watermark a rendered PDF

I’m making a PDF data on my apple ipad using a graphics PDF context. The PDFs differ in dimension but may be up to 90 pages. I need to have a background image on each page but if I merely pull it the PDF file size will definitely be actually way bigger. Is there a method to kinda only include it once and ‘portion’ it somehow across web pages?

Maybe made use of as an example about exactly how to use PDFSharp.NET library.

I have actually created it for the instruction facility of the company i functioned in. It can easily watermark PDFs based on a listing of trainee in order to put their label (+ any type of extra relevant information, central page logo, top-left company logo, copyright note …).

Often that occurs along with typefaces, company logos, background images, watermarks, ICC profile pages, … I was talking concerning the PDF file, as stored on hardisk or SD card. I perform not recognize what happens if a PDF renderer has to present the web pages.

I am actually preparing documents in PDF layout. I will such as to reduce piracy of the paperwork through embedding the title of the buyer on each page of the document.

I just created an available source software application to dynamically watermark PDF.

Now, in a bigger app of mine, as a sub-project, I’m attempting to ‘guard’ exported PDFs through applying a watermark (absolutely nothing made complex, simply a basic piece of message in the middle of each page, or even something).

OK, I recognize along with the entire principle and also I’ve already taken care of to ‘watermark’ an NSImage.

I’ve constructed an assisting public library to make use of PDFSharp .NET.

I carried out a test where I redoed a history image responsible for each PDF page. Shockingly, the report size improved through a consistent and singular amount, no matter the amount of pages along with repeated histories.

Optional Leading nigh side logo design Predetermined arrangements Header Watermark consisting of documents facts Custom Header Watermark based on listing of trainees Copyright keep in mind under the header watemark Central Page company logo Diagonal Text with custom-made alpha and dimension PDF Combine

Any kind of watermark can be taken out coming from a pdf text depending on exactly how challenging the perpetrator is willing to attempt. Find this:

You can make use of the CoreGraphics framework for tweaking PDF web content – go through Apple’s main paperwork on the topic.

As well as there is likewise the GUI interface.

The decision: The pulling out to PDF context libraries are smarter than you could assume.

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