MS-Office word add-in SSO

How add-in will recognize to call this method of API venture?? In my scenario it is actually not contacting that technique Even I was actually receiving token for procedure Office.context.auth.getAccessTokenAsync method from where its own acually obtaining token?

, if you are actually making use of Word automation from a web circumstance you may use acting to carry out Word approaches along with a predefined consumer identity.. Because instance you will certainly not need DCOM setup considering that Word will definitely currently be running in your intended consumer circumstance.

however As menitioned in the documentation add-in as well as API should perform very same domain name but in real there are actually 2 tasks one is actually add-in as well as one more is API project,.

For a programmatic way of impersonating check out

I have followed listed below link for word add-in SSO:

If I Remote Pc into that web server utilizing the profile stated in the parts identity button, after that it works fine. Then its own offering the above error, if I logoff coming from that hosting server.

The Office.context.auth.getAccessTokenAsync method is receiving the token coming from Azure Energetic Listing. This token offers Word accessibility to the add-in at localhost:44355, yet it performs certainly not admit to just about anything at localhost:33172.

I am additionally possessing the very same concern and also taking my hair out. It seems to possess one thing to carry out with allowing the function to be opened coming from that ASP.Net C# application in IIS.

One more trait I noticed that when I manage your add-in job while loading add-in in word telephone call comes into Arrangement approach of statrup.cs documents and also in OpenIdConnectCachingSecurityTokenProvider procedure But in my add-in call certainly not is available in these techniques.

I am receiving listed below discussed mistake Exemption Information: The information filter showed that the request is active. (Exemption coming from HRESULT: 0x8001010A (RPC_E_SERVERCALL_RETRYLATER)).

Performed you develop a service for this. I presently possess Powerpoint, Excel as well as Venture working and also don’t remember if I operated into this before as interop installations have actually been really work force intensive to acquire working.

Therefore How WebAPI as well as Add-in domain have to be actually same As they are actually managing on various urls such ashttp:// localhost:33172/ as well as https://localhost:44355 respectively?? SO just how may be exact same??

I have addressed the trouble through generating a brand new swimming pool and establishing an identity for the pool.

As in example, determined OpenIdConnectCachingSecurityTokenProvider, Startup.Auth in API project.

I possess a webservices operating on a hosting server, which changes word document into pdf utilizing word automation.

Even I have actually included those data in AppStart, Startup.cs as well as values controller in same add-in job after that also its not operating. Is actually one thing I skipping???

As you noted yourself, the documentation says that the add-in and also your Internet API have to perform the very same entirely qualified domain. You may not have one at localhost:44355 as well as the other at localhost:33172. This is actually perhaps likewise why you are certainly not seeing decision to OpenIdConnectCachingSecurityTokenProvider.

In sample delivered, in add-in when I known as ajax telephone call link “/ api/values” at that point its coming back 404 i.e information not located due to the fact that add-in is working on https://localhost:44355 and WebAPI on http://localhost:33172/ Is this due to the fact that of domain name of add-in as well as webAPI job is actually diffrent as when I create any sort of add-in venture and running add-in task its own operate two function presented in IIS Express. Therefore in your project additionally two ventures operating after that just how “api/values” will name webAPI operator of http://localhost:33172/ and as add-in is running in another domain name i.e https://localhost:44355.

I have given a windows system user account in the identification tab on the MS Office word part making use of the DCOMCNFG.exe.

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