Persisting data in word document using office add-in

I am actually attempting to establish word add-in which makes it possible for to tweak word content. One of the requirement is to choose some text and also result it:

alter its style (look) – and also is actually done
Link that piece of message with some custom/hidden information, ex-boyfriend. an ID.

I intend to in some way continue that records within the document, to make sure that:

Up until now I made an effort to continue to persist that records through initially, acquiring records as HTML, and also add attributes to tags, however that didn’t function. Additionally tried to include some surprise div, but it was just accessible during word app life time. Recently, found this link:, yet still it allows to persist information in scope of “browser”, so, I presume that on various other machine it will not work.

My add-in may read the document on the begin as well as build a listing of ‘noticeable’ aspects
It needs to work on different makers – I can easily develop a document on one equipment, later on open know various other equipment, and also add-in should be able to recover that data.

What are my probabilities? Maybe I shouldn’t hold it within a document, yet otherwise, where?

Nevertheless, this prints the document and then the ‘Save’ discussion appears, talking to where to spare the document. I don’t want this as clicking cancel produces a mistake (as well as demands an additional unwanted interaction coming from the customer), and also i don’t need to have to save the file.

Developing it making use of office-js – it should benefit each Word 2013 as well as Word 2016 (so I do not have an accessibility to Word 2016 details API).

Cross-browser alternative that will certainly just summon the modifying apps I advise you have a look at Office URIs if you really want a cheap.

I am servicing a venture where we have carried out material management along with word. Our experts have some word data, that are actually being actually processed making use of OpenXML. Consumers can easily open those data in 2 techniques – modify or even install a copy online. Online editing and enhancing is implemented using Office Online Server as well as customized Wopi web server, built based upon this instance.

Office Online habits comes to be incredibly identical to OneDrive/SharePoint Online when you set the ClientUrl residential or commercial property. The current WOPI documentation is a little out-of-date, it specifies this residential property under Unused as well as potential residential or commercial properties, yet there is absolutely nothing secret about it. I asked, that is actually Microsoft’s “Open Specs Support” mailbox, pointed out in many of their discussions and also publications regarding WOPI and also Office Online.

To permit “Edit in Word” in Office Online Server when using a WOPI trainer, you need to have to set the ClientUrl building in CheckFileInfo (and also CheckFolderInfo if you apply that). ClientUrl should be actually readied to a straight editable web link for the document report, either WebDAV or FSHTTP, yet you might even make use of a documents:// hyperlink for testing.

Take a look at

The Office JS Setup object allows you to save customized information that persists along with the document. It is actually rather straight-forward to utilize. Getting settings is actually concurrent – conserving settings is async. The biggest factor is that you have to don’t forget to call Office.settings.saveAsync() after you have actually made your improvements making use of Office.settings.set() in order to in fact conserve the changes to the document.

I’m fairly sure that the functionality (Edit in Word) is certainly not component of the Office Online Hosting Server as well as that it does not take advantage of the WOPI process. You can spare a lot of opportunity if you make use of a pre-built hosting server like one from ITHit.

Generally i am actually utilizing mail merge to publish off a record from c#, the document get produced, values are exchanged it not a problem and also i may then print it without any concerns, however, I just need to imprint the document, I do certainly not need to save a copy on the pc.

Modifying online operates penalty, but Word Online has restricted attributes contrasted to desktop Word.

When utilizing Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word, only thinking about if any individual knows how to certainly not conserve a document after creation.

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