PHP PDF template library with PDF output?

Mind you, a collection that has the capacity to fill an existing PDF data as well as insert message programmatically at a specific setting is actually not nearly enough for my usage instance.

Exists any PHP PDF library that can switch out placeholder variables in an existing PDF, ODT or even DOCX document, as well as generate a PDF file in php as the end outcome, without messing up the format?

As for my research study shows, there is no library that can do this:

TCPDF can just generate documents from scratch

There are numerous DOCX/ODT layout libraries available but they do not outcome PDF.

Partnering with strong templates and placeholders is actually a leap of complication over drop-in material. Reflowing existing text in a PDF is commonly not achievable. It calls for extra document framework, which is what pricey changeable records software like XMPie and also Creo are designed to perform …

If you’re willing to use an external service, PDF Otter could solve your issue. There is actually a free of charge strategy that you can easily join and right away integrate in your application.

PHPDOCx declares to become able to carry out precisely what I require – however they do not offer a test model and also I’m certainly not heading to get a pussy-cat in a bag, particularly not when there appears to become no other product on the internet that performs this. I locate it unsubstantiated they can possibly do this without problems – if you have successfully performed this using the item, feel free to drop a line listed below.

I searched in to this previously, I think you may utilize pdftk (an order product line electrical), to complete a PDF form using FDF/XFDF data reports, which you can conveniently create from within PHP. That was actually the best option I have actually viewed until now, though there might effectively be actually a native collection.

. It is actually certainly not PHP yet there are actually a lot of PHP covers for it along with techniques of using it through exec, etc. Certainly not an optimal however it handles the layout part totally. For some additional information:

I also worked with abcPDF for ASP/ASP. WEB as well as located it to be fair for stabbing inside PDFs but, again, not designed for excavating around inside existing text places.

Possess you thought about using something like XSL: Formatting Items (XSL: FO)? Generally they are actually XML documents that are processed as well as become PDFs. Performing string – or far better, DOM – replacements within that must be actually fairly straightforward. It supports embedding images, links, notes, and so on

Extra pros along with utilizing PDF Otter feature less addictions in your treatment as well as a friendlier expertise deciding on the areas you need to have to complete (I have actually made use of hand-operated trial-and-error to acquire the positions of areas previously, and also it was actually time consuming).

It is actually a litte little overdue however have a look at the PDFTemplate Library it carries out exatly what you want. You can make Open Document documents (odt) and also include placeholders in it. The PDFTemplate library may submit these placeholders (despite having images) and also produce a PDF report.

FPDI may go through existing PDF layouts, but may just add components programmatically (no design template changeable substitute).

PDFlib behaves, as well as your shared host might have it actually. I managed to achieve things like this with PDFlib fairly simply, but the basic procedure is the drop-in paragraph text … that you stated was actually no-good.

Your best option would certainly be actually to create the whole entire document on the fly, with the design template defined programatically making use of fpdf or one thing similar. By doing this, your content will definitely certainly not be actually trimmed through paragraphs or anything like that, as well as you can conveniently install images/other factors as demanded.

I then efficiently put a portable model of libreoffice on my bunch’s webserver, which I call with PHP to do a commandline transformation from.docx, etc. to pdf. on the fly. I do not possess admin civil rights on my lot’s webserver. Right here is my post of what I carried out:.

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