Search text in particular column and retrieve data from another column in excel using C#

I have a column of message values (column C below), they are of varying length. I have a distinct range of message values (row A below). I really want a formula that is going to check out the strands in Cavalcade C as well as come back the word from Row A that it matches. If there are several suits (uncommon, probably will not happen), it will only return one. search text in excel using c#

You may use the Microsoft Excel Interoperability collections if you yearn for to search.XLS documents. These libraries can certainly not be utilized in a web application, are actually slower than ClosedXML but they sustain all sort of Excel reports.

Cavalcade D is actually the end result I am actually appearing for. The word can show up anywhere in the tissue.

You may examine the documents that’ll aid you comprehend just how to look for text message.

I am actually new to C#. May someone assist me here. I attempted Range.Find however I obtained confused.

Up until now I haven’t found out exactly how to take a discrete string of characters (actually printed in one cell) and hunt throughout an assortment in a cavalcade. If this is actually past the regular excel functionality, certainly not certain.

Apart from Oledb link you can also utilize ClosedXML. ClosedXML is a wrapper around OpenXML that enables you to simply work with.XLSX reports.

I possess 2 columns. Each tissue in pillar A consists of a total paragraphes and each tissue in pillar B contains a word or key phrase. I would love to examine if the contents of each cell in row B looks in some of the cells in row A– it can show up in numerous tissues in column An or in no tissues. The output simply requires to be a yes or no (and should be actually eject in column C) for my objectives, however it would certainly be cool to return the amount of opportunities each cavalcade B word appeared someplace in Cavalcade A.

You may utilize free of charge variation of iDiTect.Converter to search for a content in both XLS as well as XLSX file styles. Likewise relating to the INI data, you can use MadMilkman.Ini.

This is actually a lovely answer! Can you satisfy discuss just how your response works? The AGGREGATE feature, especially, has regularly been a challenge for me and also I don’t personally know anybody that uses it. Is your formula merely coming back the first worth in the $A$ 2:$A$ 5 listing that results in the division component of the formula to come back a non-error market value?

I need to browse for a particular string in a certain row along with header “SUMMARY”(commonly column b). After the search is discovered, I need to have to duplicate the worth in cavalcade J (once more from INI report) to the outcome report.

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